Frank DeMarinis

President & CEO. TravelBrands

Frank DeMarinis is an accomplished executive with more than 30 years of experience in the Canadian travel industry. As President & CEO of TravelBrands, Frank oversees a diverse portfolio of both retail and wholesale brands including Sunquest, Encore Cruises and Intair.

Frank’s journey in the travel industry began in 1987 when he and his brothers, Enzo and Joe, founded Belair Travel. In 2001, Belair was sold to the North American Leisure Group, which later became Thomas Cook North America. In 2004, Frank cofounded, which quickly became the largest independently-owned travel retailer in the country and the first OTA in the Canadian market. In 2013, the organization acquired the North American segment of Thomas Cook Group plc, growing from a retail company of 140 employees to a travel conglomerate with both retail and wholesale companies with just under 1,300 employees nationwide. This was later rebranded to TravelBrands and Frank was appointed as President & CEO. In August 2016, the company acquired, the second largest OTA in Canada.

With the knowledge acquired throughout the years, extensive distribution channels and genuine love of travel, Frank drives the strategy and integration of all TravelBrands companies. His mission is to create a unique booking platform for customers and travel agents alike, ultimately offering the Canadian consumer complete flexibility when it comes to booking travel; and to help agents work smarter, not harder.

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