Mark Pestronk

Attorney, Law Offices of Mark Pestronk, P.C. / Legal Columnist, Travel Weekly

Mark Pestronk is engaged in the private practice of law with the Law Offices of Mark Pestronk, P.C., The Travel Law Office, in Washington, DC. Mark has over 40 years’ experience in representing travel agencies and other travel companies, and his practice is solely devoted to travel industry matters.

Mark is the weekly legal columnist for Travel Weekly and the author of over 1,000 trade-press columns on such topics as independent contractor contracts, technology contracts, hotel and cruise contracts, acquisitions, debit memos, and liability. He is a popular speaker at industry-related meetings, seminars, and conferences, and he has led many seminars for all travel agency associations, consortiums, and franchises. A native of New York City, Mark holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Johns Hopkins University in international relations (1971) and a law degree from Georgetown (1974). He is a member of the bars of the District of Columbia and Virginia.

Mark currently serves as Chair of the North America Section of IFTTA, the International Federation of Travel and Tourism Attorneys.

Mark is also one of the top all-time money winners on the TV game show “Jeopardy!”.

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