Nicole Mazza

Chief Marketing Officer, TRAVELSAVERS, NEST and The Affluent Traveler Collection

As Chief Marketing Officer, Nicole manages all marketing initiatives for The Affluent Traveler Collection, TRAVELSAVERS, NEST (Network of Entrepreneurs Selling Travel). She is also responsible for maintaining relationships with preferred suppliers.  Her focus is on establishing and implementing marketing programs that boost sales and maximize profits for the groups’ 3,000-plus travel agency base and its preferred suppliers.

Nicole has extensive expertise in travel agency relationships, preferred supplier relationships, integrated marketing and promotions, strategic planning, and brand awareness. She has also been highly instrumental in developing the publishing division of parent company American Marketing Group, Inc. Under her guidance as publisher, The Affluent Traveler, an international luxury travel magazine, and JOURNEYS magazine, a consumer travel magazine, have both been honored as award-winning publications. Her previous publishing background includes an editorial position held at CMP Publications. Nicole also spearheaded innovative Custom Solutions and Lifestyle Marketing Campaigns for The Affluent Traveler Collection, TRAVELSAVERS and NEST, which are designed to drive new and repeat business to the organizations’ agencies and preferred suppliers.

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